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I am seeking a position in a company with creative goals and methods, beginning November of 1999. I am seeking in the Silicon Valley area, the Denver area, and in Europe.


Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA
Completed a four-year Bachelor of Arts program in Art History in three years.


Web Designer, Stanford English Department
Employed by Professor Diane Middlebrook, I am currently creating a great many things. One is a new website for Professor Middlebrook's freshman seminar on Sylvia Plath, including fully animated Flash production and advertising. Flash is also being introduced to all earlier sites listed below. I am also coordinating efforts between Professor Middlebrook and the Stanford Informational Television Network to present streaming-video shows on Finally, I am organizing a team of programmers and designers to create on-line scansion and annotation software.

References: Professor Diane Middlebrook.....(650) 723-1804

Web Designer, Stanford English Department
In conjunction with Professor Diane Middlebrook, I created a website for an introductory seminar on Ovid's Metamorphoses. The nature of the World Wide Web reflects the primary metaphor of the poem; as such, I devised a system for integrating web technology into the literary criticism of the students, through the posting of assignments on-line and use of web resources in the research, development, and implementation of ideas.

References: Professor Diane Middlebrook.....(650) 723-1804

Web Designer, Stanford English Department
In conjunction with Professors Diane Middlebrook and Martin Evans, I created a website for an introductory humanities course for 200 freshman. This website is a dynamic class syllabus, a springboard for web research, and a marketing locus for the require d books of the course. Later, Flash components were added for a more streamlined effect.

Professor Diane Middlebrook.....(650) 723-1804
Professor J. Martin Evans.....(650) 723-2667

Webmaster, Diane Middlebrook, author
Website maintenance for Diane Middlebrook's authorial site. Updated lecture and reading schedules, dealt with user response, negotiated higher visibility with search engines.

References: Professor Diane Middlebrook.....(650) 723-1804

Archival Assistant, Diane Middlebrook, author
In the aftermath of the publication of Suits Me, Ms. Middlebrook's biography of Billy Tipton, I was in charge of creating an electronic archive of Billy's photographs, letters, and scores. Over 2000 items were catalogued and saved by me. A projec t to put this archive on CD-ROM for retail distribution is underway.

References: Professor Diane Middlebrook.....(650) 723-1804

Document Delivery Aide, Stanford Graduate School of Business Library
Administrative assistant in a document delivery agency serving 50+ faculty and staff. Maintained a paper flow of about 200 pages daily from various outsourcers, libraries, and web services. Managed a large tracking file for all deliveries and requests. Largely responsible for clarifying vague or incomplete citations.

References: Mary Rockwell, Assistant Director of Special Projects.....(650) 723-0069

Library Aide, Stanford Graduate School of Business Library
Assisted in shelf maintenance for a mid-sized business library. Did shelf reads, large-scale presort, cleaning, printer and photocopier maintenance, and computer repair.

References: George Perry, Library Maintenance Project Coordinator.....(650) 723-1365

Assistant to Operations Manager, VLSI Standards Inc., San Jose, CA
Maintained large paper and computer files for standard production, shipping, and recalibration. Also assisted in accounting department, entering data in accounts payable and receivable. Performed large-scale inventory and invoice review pending transfer to new accounting software.

References: Michelle Shorin, Operations Manager.....(408) 428-1800


Experienced in: HTML, JavaScript, Java, Perl, C, Illustrator, Photoshop, CORELDraw, Fireworks, Flash, Director, Generator, Dreamweaver, PageMill, PageMaker, Quark XPress, Powerpoint, Word, Excel, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Windows, DOS, MacOS, UNIX shell, Linux.

Languages Spoken: English, French, Ancient Greek.

Office skills:


I am interested in art, movies, theatre, the relationship of the Web to poetry and literature, the intersection of Western and Eastern theories of design, and the judgements of popular and avant-garde culture. I also play the piano and the trombone.

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